General & Specialty Machining
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general-a-specialty-machiningUnited Gear General and Specialty Machining

While United Gear started in business back in 1965 as a manufacturer of open gearing and sprockets, primarily for the solid wood industry, our focus has changed considerably over the years.  With the changing times, we now provide products to a number of other industries in Western Canada, and we have also added the capability to provide our customers with custom machining and specialty product requirements on a quick turnaround basis. 
In order to be able to provide these new value added services we have added several new pieces of state of the art machinery to our shop equipment. In the past two years we have added new HAAS CNC Machining Centres and CNC Lathes, as well as a new Toshiba TUE 200S Vertical Boring Mill with full C Axis milling.





These new pieces of equipment complement our existing machining and gear cutting equipment, allowing us to turn and mill work pieces up to 95 inches in diameter, and 64 inches in height. In order to enhance our ability to provide specialty machining and custom made components, we also provide the ability to prepare customized drawings utilizing SolidworksTM 3D software.  

Whatever your needs may be, United Gear is able to provide you with any machining requirements to get your plant and equipment up and running in short order.

Please contact us to discuss your specialty machining requirements.

Phone: 604-929-6569     E Mail:


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