Gear Profile Grinding
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Gear-Profile-GrindingGleason – PFAUTER P 800 G

United Gear CNC Gear Grinding Services

Gear Profile Grinding Machines are designed for gear grinding external and internal spur and helical gears on cylindrical work pieces as well as any other profile or form which can be ground by the single index method.  This machine is designed for using dressable grinding wheels as well as non dressable single plated CBN wheels. Today profile grinding is a well established process for hard finishing of cylindrical gears with the highest possible quality level and performance.Precision gear grinding capability begins with a proper foundation that is isolated from external vibrations.  This is especially important for our Gleason – Pfauter P800 G gear grinding machine where alignment and stability of the machine is necessary to assure DIN 1 gear accuracies.

This gear grinder includes the latest technology including CNC control, integrated grinding wheel dressing, on board gear measurement, power dressing, double flank anti- twist grinding, adaptive grinding and Opti-Grind.
Gear-Profile-Grinding-P-800-GThe Gleason Pfauter P 800 G is capable of producing gears for wind turbine gearboxes, industrial gearboxes, mining equipment, oil & gas equipment and all other precision gear applications. 

The maximum grinding diameter is 1,000 mm (40 inches) a gear face width of 700mm (27.5inches) the maximum pitch is 25 module (1DP)

Please contact us to discuss your gear grinding requirements.

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