Large Industrial Gearboxes
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Large Industrial Gearbox Rebuild Service

Uptime is critical in today’s competitive business environment, and our customers cannot afford to have important pieces of equipment that are unreliable in their operations. From large open pit mines to ship loading machinery, and many other industries, United Gear has been rebuilding large industrial transmissions for several years with a flawless track record. After starting our business back in 1966 as a manufacturer of open gearing and sprockets, primarily for the solid wood industry, our business has changed considerably over the years.  With the increased focus on cost savings, many of our customers have decided that rebuilding large, expensive transmissions is more cost effective for their business than replacing items that may only require the replacement of some worn components.  United Gear has in house technicians with the proven ability to do failure analysis on your equipment and then provide an economical solution to make the necessary repairs.
In assessing your equipment we provide the following services to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

  • •    Review application conditions and mode of failure
  • •    Analyze oil for contamination and metal content
  • •    Measure and document all bearing clearances
  • •    Mark and stamp all components
  • •    Inspect and evaluate all internal components for damage and causes of failure
  • •    Assess the condition of all seal journals, housing bores and journal fits
  • •    Provide a complete report with digital photographs along with an estimate of repair cost and lead time

We are confident that United Gear can provide you with complete rebuilding services that you can rely on.

Please contact us to discuss your industrial transmission repair requirements.

Phone: 604-929-6569     E Mail:



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